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Hoxe é 21 de Maio do 2018

The Caves - Comarca de Valdeorras

The wine cellars where the wine is made and preserved in the whole region and which are buried, are called “Caves”. There are big neighborhoods of them, like fairytale villages with their odd chimneys called “refugallo” which are used to regulate humidity. They are usually found grouped together in the highest part of the villages or on the steepest slopes.

The wine cellars are a place full of hospitality and coexistence somewhere to talk while tasting wine. At the end of the working day, when the day comes to end, there will always be a cave to have a drink and remain for a while to make your trip back home more enjoyable.

In the old part of A Rúa council there are very good caves in the “Rúa Vella”, districts of Vilela and Fontei, and Somoza, pay special attention to the district of A Coroa, where there are some of thebest preserved caves and they are also ready to visit since they are part of the Valdeorras wine route.

In Vilamartin: at the head of the council, in Arcos, Valencia do Sil, San Miguel de Outeiro…
In Larouco: in Seadur, the wine cellars district has been restored harmoniously adding value to the space which shows the way to recover this setting.
A Rúa: A Coroa, Fontei, Somoza...
O Barco de Valdeorras: In O castro, there is also another well care district.
In Petín: Carballal.

Several celebrations in these spaces show the winemaking tradition of Valdeorras, its hospitality and humour. They are an excellent manner to visit the cave districts and even enter them.

There are homemade wines at low prices, gastronomic accessories cakes… in the caves open to the public.

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