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Hoxe é 21 de Maio do 2018

O Bolo castle - O Bolo

At the top of the village of O Bolo, stands its castle and also examples of popular architecture lsuch as some big country houses. The Castle’s first construction is from XII century, it has a tower called A Contorna. It was damaged in the battles of the Irmandiños and was rebuilt in the XV th century. Renovated a couple of years ago, away from the tower, there are still some remains of the inner and outer wall, the parade ground and the cistern. There is a small museum and it is open to the public. It is worthwhile to climb to highest part of the church, to admire the landscape and to discover why the people of O Bolo say “The wolf never came down to Bolo” which can be told backwards like “The Bolo never came down to the wolf”.

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