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Hoxe é 21 de Maio do 2018

Santuario das Ermidas - O Bolo

The Santuario de Nosa Señora das Ermidas is located in the council of O Bolo. IAs well as being a religious centre it is of architectural and monumental importance. In 2006 it was declared a building of cultural interest. It is one of the best baroque examples in Galicia. It rises up in the middle of a rock, on the bottom of the river Bibey canyon. Coming down to this giddy emplacement, we can appreciate the famous “travesas” of the Ermidas. The “travesas” are stone walls which are used to contain the ground for the vineyards and thus help to cultivate them on less steep sided ground. They are still hand made which leads to these heroic wine makers being confused with stone masons. The Mountains which surround the villages of As Ermidas, Santa Cruz, Chandoiro, Lentellais, Portomourisco, Escadas… are a great remodeling of the original terrain as a result of centuries of wine making. The exciting landscapes are a tribute to these men and women’s work.

Portomourisco: village belongs to Petín council. In this beautiful place, a bridge was built so that the devout coming to the Santuario de As Ermidas could cross the river Xares. A small chapel flanks the bridge in the whilst Portomourisco seems to be forgotten in time.

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